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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We couldn't carry out our mission at Hunger and Health Co without volunteers like you. Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below about volunteering with us. When you're ready, return to the previous page to fill out the volunteer form.

Volunteer FAQ

Please watch this video prior to volunteering with the Hunger and Health Coalition.

What do I wear?

Please wear closed-toed shoes and tie back loose hair. Wear clothing you're comfortable moving around in. Please do not wear crop tops and appropriate lengthed shorts.

Can I just show up or do I need to call ahead?

We appreciate an email or phone call ahead of time to ask if we need volunteers on any given day. We welcome walk-in volunteers, but you may be asked to come back a different day if we are full for volunteering when you arrive.

What will I be doing?

Depending on what program area needs help at the time of your arrival, you could be in our kitchen, pantry or market. Where you'll be working will be based on our needs while you're here.

Can I sign up a group for volunteering?

We prefer smaller group sizes of five people or fewer to allow everyone an enjoyable volunteer experience. If you have more than five people in your group, we advise breaking people into shifts throughout one day or throughout multiple days. Work with Kayla to find the best solution for you.

I've signed up to volunteer. Now what?

If you have filled out the online volunteer interest form, Kayla will soon email you to schedule your volunteer opportunity. Once scheduled, you'll come to our facility on your scheduled day and be able to park near our facility. You'll see signs that indicate you need a permit to park; volunteers are able to park in those spots without a permit. Volunteers can enter through the front door or the green pantry door on the right side of the building. We'll ask you to sign in using our volunteer iPad and grab a name tag. Then you'll be put to work!

Are children allowed to volunteer?

Yes! We ask that children younger than high school age (13 years of age or younger) be accompanied by an adult during the duration of their volunteering. Usually, about 1-2 hours of volunteering is a good amount of time for this age group. Teens of a high school age (ages 14-18) are eligible for volunteering without a parent present, but we do require a parent's signature on volunteer forms. Parents should plan to accompany the teen on their first visit to HHC for a quick tour and for the opportunity to ask any questions.

Do you allow weekend volunteer opportunities?

No, we do not. Volunteering can be Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. We do have weekends when we need volunteers for A Simple Gesture pickups on Saturdays, which happens six times a year. For information on this, email On the occasion, we will have weekend events that we could use help with. If wanting to be added to an email list for possible weekend volunteer opportunities as they arise, email Kayla at

Will there be a place for my belongings while volunteering?

We have a coat rack for jackets and an organizer with cubbies for volunteer belongings. The cubbies can fit water bottles, purses, wallets, phones, etc. We advise that bigger items such as backpacks be left inside of your vehicles. If taking the bus and bringing a backpack is necessary, you can place it in the front office.

When does HHC need volunteers the most?

When Appalachian State University students are in town, we usually have a good amount of help. When the students are not in town — such as spring/fall break, the summer and the months of December/January — we lose a lot of our volunteer base. Those times when students are away is the best time to be with us for working or retired community members who are looking to get involved.

I am unable to volunteer at the available times. How else can I help?

Those who cannot volunteer during our operating hours can help in other ways! You can donate or have a food drive for us through our A Simple Gesture program, make handmade cards for us to give to clients, or advocate for us through word of mouth or via social media! Those with special skills are also always welcome! Do you have skills in building maintenance, gardening, fundraising or chopping firewood? We could use your help!

Have more questions?


Kayla Lasure, Community Engagement Coordinator

I'm here to help! Didn't get your questions answered? Let me know!

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