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How it Works

From your provider Straight to us
The Food is Medicine program at HHC begins with your medical provider, either in the hospital or in clinics around the community.

Doctors identify patients that are managing one or more diet-related chronic diseases and are experiencing food insecurity. Providers can write a prescription for a medically tailored meal box, and you can either fulfill this prescription onsite at one of HHC’s locations, or can receive a medically tailored meal box delivered to your door through our mobile delivery service. 

The Enrollment Process

*Prescription Pad

Upon enrollment, you will provide dietary preferences, medical needs, and allergy information. You also are prescribed food boxes for the whole family, regardless of who was prescribed the food box by a healthcare provider. Food Services staff are trained by our Registered Dietitians to create a food box that caters to the needs of diet-related chronic conditions. Our nutrition team can also custom make boxes for more extensive nutrition needs!

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